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Item Code: TT31

Product Description

Industry Gear Tri truss 1m length
TT31 Truss tri truss 290mm x 1m, 2mm thick with global compatible connection
Tri-truss 300mm x 1m, 2mm thickness.

Global compatible connection. TUV-rated.

Standard 2mm wall thickness with new fast connect system using spigots and pins. A variety of corner pieces and junctions are available to design your trussing to suit many applications.

Contact LSW for expert advice about your individual truss and rigging needs.


* Length: 1m
* Construction: 300mm tri-truss
* Wall Thickness: 2mm
* Dimensions / Weight: 1000x300x300mm / 6Kg

Shipping Volume: .09cbm
Shipping Weight: 6kg

Warranty: 7 RR

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