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Brand: Sunlite

Product Description

Sunlite Easy Show Full Options
Sunlite SUNLITE2FC Suite 2 DMX Lighting control software with Time lines. Cycle mgmt, and MIDI control
Sunlite software is a simple yet versatile solution to operating your lighting. The scan library wizard also generates pre-programmed movements and scenes for each fixture, just to make organising your show so much easier. Its completely new design sees it gain in both ease of use and functionality for live applications. Improved features include time lines, palettes, new cycle management and advanced MIDI control. The SUITE2-FC is Sunlite's best controller for live applications. It is compatible with Sunlite Suite 2 software in First Class mode and therefore offers multiple extra functions and versatility.

Easy View: Full
Easy Show: •
MIDI live control: •
PC clock triggering: •
PORTS triggering: •
DMX channels: 2x512
Infrared Remote Control: •
PORTS triggering: •
Clock/calendar triggering: •
Multi-zone: •
Easy Stand Alone: •


* DMX Channels: 3x512
* Ethernet Channels: 4x512
* Memory: Mini SD Card

Shipping Volume: .003cbm
Shipping Weight: .4kg

Warranty: 12 Months

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