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Brand: Sunlite

Product Description

Sunlite Economy Class DMX Software
Sunlite SUNLITE2EC Economy Class DMX Lighting control software with 3D visualiser, 1024 DMX channels and standalone mode
The first standalone interface of the Sunlite Suite 2 sotftware range, the Sunlite Suite2-EC is compatible with the Suite 2 software in Economy mode - but comes with added DMX features such as the 512 DMX IN channels being software switchable into a second DMX OUT universe, doubling the controllable lines up to 1024 DMX channels. And works as a standalone back-up memory.

If you're running larger or more complex effects and lighting arrays, this is the ideal product for applications requiring more than the standard 512 channels.


* Memory Size: 450 steps 512ch, 2500 steps 60ch
* Connector: Mini-USB
* Interface Output: 512 (1024 w/converter)
* Triggering: Mouse, Keyboard, MIDI, I/O Ports

Shipping Volume: .003cbm
Shipping Weight: .5kg

Warranty: 12 Months

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