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Item Code: STICKKE1
Brand: Sunlite

Product Description

Sunlite STICK-KE1
Sunlite STICKKE1 Touch-Sensitive Intelligent Control Keypad
The STICK supports up to 5 Areas across 25 pages. This allows you to split up a room or a building and play up to 5 different scenes simultaneously. For example, you could have:
Area A: Control over the ambient lighting of a room, such as some single channel halogens
Area B: A subtle color changing effect playing on LED bars in the ceiling
Area C: Some static colors used on floor lighting
Area D: Control of the wall lighting
Area E: A global override which controls everything

The STICK-KE1 includes an Ethernet network connector allowing you to connect your STICK to a Local Area Network (LAN). Once connected, the unit can be controlled from the STICK remote app or programmed using the Arcolis app for Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

Remote control applications are also available for PC, MAC and Linux and can be downloaded from our sister company


Shipping Volume: .001cbm
Shipping Weight: .5kg

Warranty: 12 Months

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