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Item Code: STICKGU2
Brand: Sunlite

Product Description

Sunlite STICK DMX Lighting Controller
Sunlite STICKGU2 Touch-sensitive Intelligent Control keypad
The “Sunlite Touch-sensitive Intelligent Control Keypad” - S.T.I.C.K. to its friends - is on its way to being a worldwide standard DMX controller. This complete standalone wall-mounted unit is an ideal answer to interior lighting control expectations. Along with its state of the art design, the product comes with features such as 1024 DMX channels, touch sensitive panel, clock/calendar, remote control, Ethernet facilities, and more.

Installation is simple: just screw the STICK's back plate onto a single or double gang wall socket, connect the power and DMX cables to the STICK's block connector, then clip the STICK onto the wall, and lighting control is yours.


* Interface: 14 buttons, 1 fader, 28 leds
* Included Software: ESA (easy stand alone), ESA PRO and STICK TOOLS
* USB: USB 2.0 communication
* Dimensions / Weight: 168x128x11.5mm / 200g
* Weight: 0.2kg

Shipping Volume: .001cbm
Shipping Weight: .35kg

Warranty: 12 Months

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