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Item Code: SL5B

Product Description

Light Emotion Budget 5L Snow Fluid
Light Emotion SL5B Snow and Foam Fluid 5 Litre
Allowing the user to create perfect snow or foam every time to make your party stand out from all the others.

Designed for use with the S-100 Snow Machine or S-120 Foam Machine, the fluid is a De-Ionised water-based formula, that is safe, non-toxic, and 100% biodegradable.

The 5 Litre containers make it extremely economical for large-scale and regular use.


* Volume: 5L
* Colour: Clear
* Weight: 5.2Kg
* Dimensions: D180mm x W125mm x H295mm

Shipping Volume: .007cbm
Shipping Weight: 5.2kg

Warranty: None

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