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Item Code: MBM2

Product Description

Light Emotion Mirror Ball Motor (2rpm model)
Light Emotion MBM2 Mirror Ball Motor 2RPM. Suits sizes up to 16" (40cm)
Suitable for mirror balls up to 40cm, this motor has a rotation speed of 2rpm, this slower speed making it ideal for use in ballroom dance venues, or in shop or exhibition display.


* Power: 240VAC
* Power Consumption: 6w
* Operating Frequency: 50Hz
* Power lead: fixed 500mm
* Speed: 2rpm
* Colour: Black
* Weight: 400g
* Dimensions / Weight: 100x70mm / 0.4Kg
* Construction: Steel
* Load capacity: up to 5.5Kg

Shipping Volume: .001cbm
Shipping Weight: .5kg

Warranty: 30 Days

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