LSW Imports and Distribution is an integrated network of world leading manufacturers and distributors, lighting designers and audio experts who collectively forge state of the art industry knowledge delivering brilliant DJ, audio and lighting solutions for professionals, creative, architectural and entertainment markets.

LSW is the exclusive importer and distributor for many of the world’s leading brands and works very closely with manufacturers and is therefore uniquely positioned to deliver superlative products that meet the stringent requirements of the cutting edge technologies to satisfy the LSW mantra of optimised ratio of price to quality and performance ratios.  Overall, LSW doesn’t aim to supply the absolute top of the line products, but aims at the mid-market range with affordable solutions, great quality, build and professional features.

LSW has been at the forefront of the pro audio and lighting market for over 22 years.  It has an established reputation as one of Australasia’s largest providers industry standard products which realises LSW brands and products specified and installed in a the widest array of applications, productions, installations and rental departments.

LSW is known for being one of the largest suppliers of DJ audio and lighting products and has introduced many brands over the years that are now local industry standards.  

The distribution arm is supported with established sales and support locations spread across Australia and New Zealand. LSW Head Office leverages an advanced showroom which showcases the brands and products distributed along with great training facilities.

LSW is the manufacturers' representative for another major group also, known as IAG (International Audio Group), based in Huntingdon England. IAG has one of the largest manufacturing facilities in the industry based in Shenzhen.  The IAG Group is a manufacturer of consumer electronics, professional audio and lighting products . LSW represents the Pro arm of IAG ‘down under’.

IAG is possibly the most vertically integrated factory of its type in the world, covering an area approaching 1.5 million square feet and is one of the fastest growing manufacturers in the market today.

LSW also distribute Arriba bags and protection equipment, Antari special effects and its own family brands Light Emotion, E-Systems Professional technologies and its own umbrella brand “Industry Gear” Cases, Truss, Stands, Connectors and cables.



Whilst our strength is our purchasing power and ready access to the global market, a strength that enables us to offer Australian resellers particularly attractive marketing solutions, whether high demand or hard-to-find products with full technical support and service facilities and a network of Authorised Service Centres throughout Australia and New Zealand, LSW prides itself on after sales service

The first to do what we do and have done, the LSW group of companies annual turnover exceeds $10 million after more than a decade of vigorous growth, a figure expected to rise in the next two years as a result of capital partner input and the Beglec appointment. Our daily inventory hovers around the $1.5 million mark.

Our staff of 20 offers our clients a rich repository of industry knowledge to help them evaluate their advantage, including market trends, technological change, pricing and industry movements. Dealers, distributors, consultants and resellers constantly use this confidential customer service resource.

By consistently spotting pockets of opportunity created by worldwide market fluctuations, LSW has become a leader in cross-border distribution. LSW resources and international reach enables us to source and distribute a wide variety of products in almost any quantity, offering our clients the reassurance of one-stop shopping. Yet despite this scale, we remain flexible enough to handle small orders.



Our marketing force is supported by an expert technical support and service department. We have one of the largest stock of parts and accessories of any service company in this industry. This department provides a telephone and back-to-base support and service for our customers. It also bench tests all models prior to distribution and carries out the warranty servicing of all equipment sold.



LSW distribution is based in Sydney, with scaleable warehousing based in Moorebank and office and showroom space at Campsie, New South Wales Australia, within 10 kilometres of both the city centre and Sydney's domestic and international airports. We also have access to well-established offices and warehouses in Brisbane plus associates in all States. But our service is not limited to major cities.



The LSW structure is designed to drive the key element to our success, which is our ability to buy the right products.

Our purchasing power and marketing facilities translates to strength that our competitors envy. Furthermore, we offer an accommodating attitude. For example, LSW dealers require no minimum order quantity. Our aim is to serve our partners, not to overburden them.

LSW is now gearing up to be in a strong position to take the next step of national expansion as a result of the appointment of the partnership forged with Beglec and launching the Beglec family brands JB Systems, BriteQ, and Sync Audio through authorised Dealers throughout Australia.



Audio, Visual Lighting, LED, Lasers, Controllers,
Stands and Accessories


Industry Gear can supply complete audio and lighting solutions on any budget. From simple makeovers through to large refurbishments, Industry Gear will make your venue stand out from the crowd. You benefit from our passion and experience.

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