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Item Code: HZL1
Brand: Antari

Product Description

Antari 1L Haze Fluid
Antari HZL1 Haze Fluid - 1 Litre
Custom-formulated haze fluid designed for use in the HZ-100 and 400 haze machines.

Antari Haze Fluid is odourless, colourless, leaves no residues, non-flammable and complies with Australian health and safety regulations. This non-toxic solution is specifically designed to produce long hang time and low moisture content effects.

Also available: Hazer scent in Mint or Lemon.


* Volume: 1L
* Colour: Clear
* Weight: 1.1Kg
* Dimensions: 100mm diameter x H300mm

Shipping Volume: .003cbm
Shipping Weight: 1.2kg

Warranty: None

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