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Item Code: HZ500
Brand: Antari

Product Description

Antari HZ500 Haze Machine
Antari HZ-500 NEW PRICE Professional Haze Machine - integrated flight case
A full-scale professional unit, the HZ500 is designed for major productions or touring work. Built into its own heavy duty road case, this is the high-end, high-output device for large-scale effects needs.

Featuring low noise operation and producing a completely dry haze, this machine has a surprisingly efficient and economic fluid consumption - even while outputting 3000 cubic feet per minute of effect. The extremely fine haze particles produced by the Antari's own HZL1 fluid (available separately) ensure long hang time and fast dispersion.The unit includes an onboard timer remote and easily programmed DMX in the LCD display.

Requires haze fluid to operate - HZL1, HZL5 or HZL5W


* Output: 3000 cubic feet (85 cbm) per minute
* Tank Capacity: 2.5 Litre
* Fluid consumption: 20 hours per Litre
* Included remote: LCD Timer Panel Controller Built into roadcase
* Air Pressure: 30 PSI
* Control: DMX or onboard remote
* Fluid: Antari HZL haze fluid ONLY
* Dimensions / Weight: 510x375x350mm / 31.5Kg
* Weight: 31.5kg

Shipping Volume: .067cbm
Shipping Weight: 31.2kg

Warranty: 12 Months

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HZ500TANK Antari HZ500 vapour tank... - Antari HZ500TANK - Haze Machines
Item Code: HZ500TANK Antari HZ500 vapour tank... - Antari HZ500TANK - Haze Machines
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