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Item Code: BT3CA

Product Description

Industry Gear Box Truss 90-deg/2-way corner
BT3CA Truss box truss 290mm x 90deg 2 way corner, 2mm thick with global compatible connection
Both the standard 2mm wall thickness and the heavy duty 3mm wall thickness Truss sections offer premium strength (TUV rated), and a new Global Compatible fast connect system using spigots and pins, at a very competitive price.
A variety of corner pieces and junctions are available to design your trussing system to suit virtually any application. Contact your Industry Gear dealer for information on your specific needs.

This item is a Box-truss 90deg 2-way corner.


* Truss Type: Box
* Corner: 90deg 2way corner
* Connection: Global Compatible Spigot & Pin
* Dimensions / Weight: 550x510x510mm / 6Kg

Shipping Volume: .143cbm
Shipping Weight: 6kg

Warranty: 7 RR

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