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Item Code: B100
Brand: Antari

Product Description

Antari Bubble Machine - Double Bubble Wheel
Antari B100 Bubble Machine - Double Bubble Wheel
The B100 is a professional bubble machine designed to continuously produce thousands of bubbles. With a double bubble wheel and specially designed opening, any excess fluid is recycled back into the B100's 1L fluid tank.

1L of fluid will last for two hours of continuous bubbles. For best results, use only Antari's BL5 professional bubble fluid.


* Power consumption: 25W
* Tank Capacity: 1L
* Fluid consumption: 2 hours per litre
* Dimensions: 340 x 170 x 172mm
* Weight: 4.2kg
* Fluid used: BL5
* Control Options: None - machine is on/off only

Shipping Volume: .03cbm
Shipping Weight: 5kg

Warranty: 12 Months
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