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2-Year-Warranty XKEY Voxoa
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Sydney NSW — LSW is pleased to announce that the warranty offered for 24 Light Emotion products including Light Emotion LED lighting effects, Light Emotion LED par cans and Light Emotion lighting controllers will be doubled to two years back dating to products purchased from March 1, 2015.   Light Emotion was established in 1991 … Continue reading 2 YEAR WARRANTY from Light Emotion!

LSW has taken delivery of its first shipment from European Professional Lighting and Audio distributor Beglec. Featuring the brands JB Systems Lighting, JB Systems Audio and Synq, our first shipment features a selection of products that will compliment LSW's existing range of products. From Synq, there are three new one rack unit Class D amplifiers … Continue reading New European brands have arrived!

Welcome To Industry Gear

LSW Imports and Distribution is and Australian importer and distributor representing world leading brands like Antari effects machines, Wharfedale professional audio systems and Sound King lighting stands, connectors and cables.

LSW distributes its own brands Light Emotion LED par cans, LED lighting effects, lighting control and lasers as well as E-Systems Pro audio products and Industry Gear trussing.

Other brands distributed by LSW include Arriba bags and protection products as well as Sunlite DMX software and control solutions while new to LSW is the VOXOA range of DJ equipment and the CME XKEY MIDI keyboard. Arriving soon to LSW will be the Beglec collection of products ­ a major European group that encompasses the brands JB systems lighting and audio, Synq DJ gear and Briteq professional lighting.

As a manufacturer's representative, LSW offers innovative audio and lighting solutions across a broad spectrum of the industry offering products with optimised ratio of price to quality and performance ratios. Overall, LSW doesn't aim to supply the absolute top of the line products, but aims at the mid-market range with affordable solutions, great quality, build and professional features.

LSW has been at the forefront of the pro audio and lighting market for over 24 years. It has an established reputation as one of Australasia's largest providers industry standard products which realises LSW brands and products specified and installed in a the widest array of applications, productions, installations and rental departments.

LSW distribution is based in Sydney, with scaleable warehousing based in Moorebank and office and showroom space at Kingsgrove, New South Wales Australia, within 10 kilometres of both the city centre and Sydney's domestic and international airports. We also have access to well-established offices and warehouses in Brisbane plus associates in all States. Our service, of course, is not limited to major cities.